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Void Linux provides live images containing a base set of utilities as well as an installer to install a Void system on your computer.

All live images and rootfs tarballs are available at: (Please note that Void Linux ISO's are usb bootable by default, so you just need to copy the image to the usb/cd/dvd drive with dd, no unetbootin required)

Void provides a glibc-based live images for both i686 and x86_64 as well as musl-based live images for x86_64-compatible processors.

The live image includes two accounts.

Username Password
root voidlinux
anon voidlinux

The anon account is a member of the wheel group which allows you to run sudo to escalate privileges in order to run administrative commands.

Minimum system requirements:

Architecture CPU RAM Storage Network
x86_64-glibc EM64T 96MB 350MB Ethernet/Wifi*
x86_64-musl EM64T 96MB 350MB Ethernet/Wifi*
i686-glibc Pentium 4 (SSE2) 96MB 350MB Ethernet/Wifi*

*Networking is required to download additional packages while using the live image as well as to perform a network-based install

To start the installer, run void-installer as root or sudo void-installer as anon.

Additional live images with flavours (an additional desktop environment with autologin) are also available:

Please note the system requirements for these graphical live images are higher and will vary depending on which desktop environment you choose.